Welcome to WWE Super ShownDown !
This replace Night Of Champions'12
Available now for WWE 2K19, download and replace each file into WWE 2K19 . Thanks chargerfan for help me with graphics !

2 parts : Arena fold start at "pac" file and "Gfx" Folder for graphics ect...
If there is a "warning" you need to go at the end of the file and look at what to do.
Because some files, must be installed manually with Pac editor to the other to install it as its, it will not ruin the work of another person.
It's the same for string file and the misc file, everything is indicated in the folder if you want to do it manually.

For ROOT folder , take your misc01 and misc04 in your folder from 2K19 and put it in Wrestleminus . Then open my notpad named manually . 
And according to the modifications that must be made, change the values 
For misc01 : Open it and click on the first file named 002 . Then search slot 119 and change the value with my notepad.
For misc04 : Open 0000398 with "M" logo and search slot 404 and replace de value with my notepad .

Fore STRING file , open the file in Wrestleminus take your file language and if you dont know , no problem . In every file replace "Nights of Champions '12" by "WWE Super ShowDown"  and " #NOC" by #WWESSD" .

The password is in the description of the video!
This is free!
A problem an error contact me on twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRevONiKO
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  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Category: Arena
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  • Upload Date: May 17, 2020, 3:40 pm
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rinkv361 day ago
when this arena mod is available for everyone
Lumin81 week ago
This is so good! The GFX are on point and HD!
oscarhdz.17631 week ago
no steam please
senthsiddha1 month ago
Steam required no plz