Thank you for downloading my mod.

Inside this mod are 2 ch files, these are set to occupy the DEFAULT attires for Kairi Sane, However, using a hex editor, you can change the ID and the name to an attire number of your preference as these use the 2k16 pac style.

This attire pack is based on her updated Kabuki Warrior looks.
The attires are brand new and the hair contains new highlights.

If you wish to showcase this mod, no problem, but please credit me in the description as "Dimma." no links will be necessary unless I ask later, which is doubtful.

I hope you enjoy the mod.
  • Total Views: 2347 (1858 total unique)
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Category: Character
  • Steam Required: No
  • Upload Date: May 20, 2020, 6:39 pm
  • Downloads: 474

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MRKing2 weeks ago
An error occurs when wearing Tag Team Match pants.
The Chosen One.2 weeks ago
I have the same problem with the pants attire. Anyone could find a solution?
ahollaxiv1 month ago
I'm having a problem with the pants keeps crashing no matter what attire slot I assign it to, am I doing something wrong?!
[C2-170] Jarex1 month ago
@ahollaxiv same
Dimma1 month ago
@ahollaxiv i'll have a look, thanks for bringing it to my attention
Dimma1 month ago
@ahollaxiv very strange, i downloaded it and installed the pants attire and it worked just fine, sorry guys, i dunno what to say, i know this isnt the only case of mods working for some but not others, perhaps just redownload the pack/ try and assigning it to another character (aka, assigning it to asuka by making the id 621, then test if the model works there.) updates would be appreciated, thanks.
Veliction1 month ago
As always Dimma - Incredible. Been looking forward to this.