• Thx for downloading my mod!
    This is an updated version of JOGOSFIXES18 King Corbin Call name
  1. Install Sound Editor 2019 from TheVisitorX
  2. Open Sound Editor 2019 and press File -> Open -> Go to WWE 2K19 directory and open the 'sound' folder -> ra_m.pck
  3. Now press the 'Search' button at the top (or press CTRL+F)
  4. Search for 'Corbin'
  5. Now import the files by ID
    For example: Right click on Baron Corbin (With the 164854019 ID) -> Import -> Go to my 'King Corbin Updated Call Name 2020' mod folder
    -> Open the King Corbin 1 ( With the 164854019 ID)
  6. Do the same with the rest
  7. (FIX for Accompanied by Baron Corbin) If you can't find the 'Accompanied By King Corbin' file in the ra_m.pck, you can import it from the 'character_ss10_m.pck' file in 'sound' folder
    -> Press 'english (us)' when you open it -> Search for 'Accompanied By Baron Corbin' - > And import the 'Accompanied By King Corbin 788579161' file from my folder
  8. Clear the Chunk file.
    Start Custom Character Tools, click on the Chunk Tools menu entry, then click Clear Chunk0.arc.
    Or Rebuild Chunk file With WrestlePlus
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