Charlotte Flair - 10 Attire Pack by Veliction.

10 Attire Pack for Charlotte Flair.  Attires included are a direct port from WWE 2K20 using the gear and textures from the game into 2K19.

Most attires don't have robes due to being part of the showcase mode so they aren't included in the pack. The peacock attire does include and prop and robe as I took that down from 2KM and included it in this pack using 2K20 textures and gear.

Each attire has its own render created by yours truly. View the README for more info regarding the mod.

  • Total Views: 772 (632 total unique)
  • Platform: WWE 2K19
  • Category: Character
  • Steam Required: No
  • Upload Date: October 10, 2020, 7:10 pm
  • Downloads: 136
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The Blue Riott1 week ago
I'm going to ask a question you likely expected: Do all of these with a robe work without any issues with taking off the robe? That's been the most annoying part of ever giving her a new attire and I want to make sure she takes the robe off properly before I download.
Veliction1 day ago
@The Blue Riott There is no robes included if you read the readme. Robes are only included in the peacock attire because one I change the hair, the robe loses animation and glitches as if it would be changed in creation suite.
LeonelMG1 week ago
Hi, Did you try to use the default 2K19 robe? Maybe It works and You can create the entrance attires and prop files.
Veliction1 week ago
@LeonelMG Using the default robe doesn't matter. As long as I change the hair out, the robe loses animation and then causes the robe to glitch badly in the ring and on the ramp. She doesn't remove it also the attires we're part of showcase mode so it was completely pointless creating custom robes. The only robe that will work is the red attire since I never changed out her attire and the peacock attire which included one. Sadly it's just too much hassle.
alainbbazile1 week ago
What does is mean in the description when is says "Steam Required: No"
Narthul551 week ago
@alainbbazile That means you don't need 2k19 on Steam to download this mod.
Trippz1 week ago
Already using just about every one of your mods, another one to add to that ever growing list. Keep up the amazing work.
BigStu1 week ago
Great work as always just waiting for someone to do that new Alexa Bliss hairstyle now, but 95% of my women's roster is your work lol
maycboy1 week ago
Women's content is always impeccable
juskool141 week ago
:0 you deserve a medal of honor lol