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The Miz's WWE 2K15 entrance ported to 2K19 with one of the stage and ramp cameras slightly tweaked. Also tweaked the nameplate timing on one of the cameras so that the ring announcer audio happens earlier in the animation.

Steps to add the entrance:
1. Drag and drop the pac folder in the archive to the root of your WWE 2K19 directory.
2. Update the def file. If you are doing this manually, enter in these paths:
3. Use Cheat Engine/Data Editor/whatever to access the entrance.
If you are to add this entrance to the CAE Easy Entrance list using my tool, enter in 1118 for the event ID and 5187 for the string ID. This string is the reference for THE MIZ 2 and is NOT in the default string (ie. superstring necessary).
At the time of upload, this is currently a blank string. You will need to change the string name of 5187 to "THE MIZ 2"; this can be achieved with a hex editor or some other tool for string editing.
V1: Initial release.
  • Total Views: 318 (289 total unique)
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Category: Animation
  • Upload Date: 2019/05/17
  • Downloads: 35

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