Credit to tekken57 for his Young Kurt base, to Alclegacy for his KOTR 01 texture and Alex Faz for his flag kneepad texture. Thank you for allowing me to use your work.

This pack features 9 attires from the start of Kurt Angle's incredible career

  • Young Kurt base model (tekken57)
  • 'Big Star' from many Raw / Smackdown shows in 2000
  • 'Crowned Diamond' from July 2000
  • Fully Loaded 2000
  • Summerslam 2000
  • Armageddon 2000
  • King of the Ring 2001
  • Summerslam 2001
  • Vengeance 2001
  • Wrestlemania X-Seven (default 2K19 attire with new Young Kurt model)

If you showcase the mods in this pack, please link back to this download page so that others can enjoy them.

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Goro Majima1 week ago
Amazzing! Could you do 02-05 also?
gretschuk1 week ago
@Goro Majima Maybe sometime in the future. To be honest I always preferred the way Kurt looked in his rookie run with hair. I would like to look at some other wrestlers and projects for now, I might come back to Kurt later on. Hope you enjoy these ones.
_matiasberardi1 week ago
@gretschuk awesome! maybe the hardy boyz 00'?