All editable files, also includes a music wem fiile. Place all ss_... folders into pac/mov in your WWE 2K19 directory. 
Place the titantron folder into movies/titantron in your WWE 2K19  folder. 
To install music wem file, choose which song you want to replace from music_misc_1_m.pck or music_misc_2_m.pck. Import song over the one you have selected
If used in a video, link to this page thanks.
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  • Platform: WWE 2K19
  • Category: Gfx
  • Steam Required: Yes
  • Upload Date: 2019/02/25
  • Downloads: 980
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Mazzei10 months ago
Please upload elsewhere. I can't download everything in a ZIP because that's a Premium feature on Mediafire
SleepyDroid5 months ago
@Mazzei yeah can't download it either because of this!
MadTuga1 month ago
@Mazzei Hey dude. If you see this you can bypass Mediafire's premium features if you follow this tutorial: Google is always your best friend don't expect to get everything handed to you, specialy in the modding community. Cheers
MadTuga1 month ago
@SleepyDroid See my comment