This mod replaces in-game Raw Is War 98, with a custom Raw Is War 2000/01 arena mod. 

*Before installing arena mods, it’s important to ensure that you have backups of your game files, should you wish to uninstall this mod in the future*  

This mod is an enhancement of a mod released for WWE 2K18, with improved accuracy, new custom lighting setup and additional features for added detail.

If you use this mod in a video or online in any capacity, please link my social media.


Compiled with rePac for WWE 2K19
  • Total Views: 7387 (5928 total unique)
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Category: Arena
  • Steam Required: Yes
  • Upload Date: 2018/11/10
  • Downloads: 836

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airrean_hayes3 weeks ago
This is a excellent mod, my only issue is that I hate the fact that it replaces the Raw '98 there a way to make it replace a different arena?
Hmkearns4 weeks ago
I have followed instructions but the game crashes anytime I attempt to play a match in this arena :/ Anyone know how to resolve this?
Someguy12121 month ago
I can't download the mod. IT says that I dont own the game for it. I have 2k19. Is it still programed for wwe2k18?
laynolad953 months ago
Does this mod include the proper 2000 nameplate? Or does it use the 1998 Raw nameplate design?
DamianHowardUHD2 months ago
@laynolad95 "See Fusion" has recently done a NEW GFX pack for this Arena mod, which you can find here: It compliments this Arena mod, quite nicely.