This work I have done for the first time. 
If something goes wrong, I apologize.
My characters can be downloaded from the game community creations. Find Ultraman.

how to install
- My titantron filename 299 corresponds to the character Tamina, 
where you can edit the number of the file name to whatever character you want.
Or you can install it through Custom Character Tools 2019 program, 
which will be easier than replace files.

replace files (Titantron)
WWE 2K19\movies\titantron

apron & ramp & mini
I don't know how to make pac format.
So you need to use Custom Character Tools 2019 program to install all 3 files.

Install sound with Sound Editor 2019.

I am Thai, so I might not use good vocabulary, sorry.
Contact me at Facebook :

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Jack2 months ago