This pofo/ moveset for Nikki Cross uses slot 510. Check out readme file for additional details.
  • Total Views: 1452 (1186 total unique)
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Category: Pofo/moveset
  • Upload Date: 2018/12/08
  • Downloads: 687

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whartonj19862 months ago
Says I don't own the game this is targeted too... I just bought it today. I'm so lost on modding
hunterkingkarthi1 month ago
@whartonj1986 hi brother. i understand ur problem and even i did face the same problem. the solution is simple. on the top right corner there is an option "trouble with downloading". watch it. U will be able to download
whartonj19861 month ago
@hunterkingkarthi Thanks. I have since figured it out. I didn't have everything sync'd up right. I believe that's how I figured it out as well. Appreciate the reply!