My Pofo and moveset can be found here: http://www.2kmodz.com/file/1c23714e94bd792246dbb537bcf5dd6b
If you wish to commission a mod, please contact me on discord: DFM_85#3497

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HeIsJustice1 week ago
Getting there, but definitely still needs a bit of work. Good job though!
mattfick2 days ago
@HeIsJustice u want to contribute? or u just here to leech and critique?
HeIsJustice1 day ago
@mattfick Can't leech if I don't download it. Criticism is contribution btw. Creators make their work public with the expectation and understanding that it will be judged, positively and negatively so they can create their best work. This is better than his previous mods, but figures like the head shape are still off. Nice try though.