Welcome to Hell In A Cell 2019 !

Just replace each file into your folder game !
Need with the software "WrestleMinus" for doing manualy the file "prm_ar_lg_color", " misc01_start" and " misc04_start" 

This is free!
A problem an error contact me on twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRevONiKO
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Faintuk2 days ago
How do we stop the wrestler sinking into the Ramp? I had ago at just replacing the files you gave but then the wrestlers would sink into the entrance in other arenas so had to restore the backups created
pearre893 weeks ago
Help ASAP! how can i uninstall an arena Mod and get it back to its orignal version? i tried doing the manual install for SummerSlam 20 on here and it doesn't load up on the game. It stays at the character select screen after i select the superstars and it doessnt move, so i always have to restart it which is frustrating. Please Help!
rinkv361 week ago
@pearre89 wait il send u backup
rinkv361 week ago
@pearre89 https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21APPfkhHuzcZY3s4&id=DB1E8E129D8322FF%21108966&cid=DB1E8E129D8322FF
pearre891 week ago
@pearre89 thank you
thevault09913 weeks ago
Can you please clarify what needs to be done to stop the collision glitch? Your instructions are bad. Thanks
QuelGamerNick961 month ago
the superstars collide with the ramp during entrances, i don't understad what i have to change on misc 01
ACoG 2.01 month ago
i'm having an issue where the player keeps hitting invisible walls at ringside
ItsReigningKen1 month ago
tron using classic as default. any way to fix?