Synopsis: WWE 2K15 uses single pac files to store multiple ingame assets. For entrances, this is in Entrance(00-08).pac. For winning, this is in Winning(00-03).pac. This is no longer used in WWE 2K19.

Porting entrances/winning animations over from WWE 2K15 to WWE 2K19 with identical slots:

1. Extract both the EVP and EVZ files with a program like PacEditor. EVP files are in a directory called "EVP2\" while EVZ is in "EVZ\"
2. Open the 2K19 animation pac in pac\evt, eg. 00100.
3. Inject the first BPE (the smallest of the two) with the EVP you extracted from 2K15 and the second BPE (the largest of the two) with the EVZ you extracted in step 1.

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