WCW 1998-1999 Crowd
To install this file, do the following:
1. Copy and paste the pac folder into your WWE 2K19 directory.
2. Rebuild DEF
3. Open the arena_misc.pac file and change the arena's crowd value to 15. If it is a single digit number, you have to add an value in hex, and remove a 20 byte. So if the arena slot that you want to add this crowd in is a single digit value, your hex for crowd should look like this "31 35 2C 0D 0A 20 20 20". This translates to " 15,..   ", minus the quotations.
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  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Category: Arena
  • Steam Required: Yes
  • Upload Date: 2019/03/12
  • Downloads: 114

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Darrish2 months ago
Yeah can you explain part 3 please?
MeAndBettyWhite1 month ago
@Darrish open arena_misc.dat file with Wrestleminus. Then find the arena you want the crowd for. You can find the arena id's by google searching Hovathegod memory table. find the arena id number in wrestleplus and scroll over until you see the crowd number and switch it to 15. If the arena you want to use is a single digit you have to hex which is way too complicated for me to explain.The good news is Nitro is #32 I believe, maybe #31 but its one of those so you wont have to hex for nitro.
MeAndBettyWhite1 month ago
@Darrish open arena_misc.dat file with Wrestleminus. In the left window there is a plus sign beside something that says S and some numbers. Open the file structure by clicking on the plus sign. There will now be a bunch more options that start with S but 7 down will be one that starts with M. Thats the one you need. click on it and then in the right window you will see tabs on the top and one will say misc view. click on it and it opens up the menu you need. All the arena IDS are there so scroll down to the number
Darrish1 month ago
@MeAndBettyWhite Thank you so much I will try this later today :)
nastrodamus7265 months ago
Can someone help with this? I read the instructions.. but as soon as I got to #3... I'm lost.