All songs are songs about certain wrestlers or about the wrestling industry. All songs come in .MP3 and .WEM format. Enjoy!

Action Bronson - Barry Horowitz
Art Brut - Unprofessional Wrestling
Bowling For Soup - Alexa Bliss
Cheap Pop - Daniel Bryan Danielson
Darley Desamot ft. Wrestle and Flow - Superstar
Mega Ran ft. Austin Creed - The Sunset Flip
Night Birds - Maimed For The Masses
NRBQ - Captain Lou
Offset & Metro Boomin - Ric Flair Drip
Open Mike Eagle - No Selling (Uncle Butch Pretending It Don't Hurt)
The Mountain Goats - The Legend of Chavo Guerrero
Wale - Razor Freestyle (The Bad Guy)
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shuanriley11 months ago
You are missing "Ric Flair" by Killer Mike. Its dope and uses a bunch of World Championship Wrestling promo audio.