This pofo/ moveset for CM Punk uses slot 468.
  • Total Views: 4459 (3503 total unique)
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Category: Pofo/moveset
  • Upload Date: 2018/12/06
  • Downloads: 1950

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Porklegs3 months ago
The announcer called cm punk summer rae while entering instead of cm punk, I haven't touch the pofo yet so I checked and everything is set to cm punk. man it's weird help me fix this one thanks
squaredcirclefan1 month ago
@Porklegs This has nothing to do with the pofo and moveset file. If you have downloaded the ported moves or entrances pack, it contains a modified sound_p30 file with the ring announcer name for Summer Rae added to the CM Punk slot. The idea is you inject a CM Punk announce name which you can find on smacktalks over Summer Rae in sound editor.