Kelly Kelly from WWE 12.
- Custom face sculpt.
- Custom body sculpt.
- Custom face texture.
- Attire from WWE 12.
- Renders included.
- Usable in Creation Suit.*

*You can't add hair clothing properly. Aside that, works perfectly in CAS.

Enjoy Enjoy!

Special Thanks:
- Hollywood RipZz
- VelveteenBreeze
- LynchReborn/Lynch
- Dr.mashup
- Coach
- Mark/Rampage
- CAW Life
- HovaThaGod32
And everyone else that helped me in the process.

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pearre893 weeks ago
Can you please make an updated Hangman Page, New Day, Big E, And 90s Shawn Michaels with hair he had in wwe 13???? Please? This would be greatly appreicated