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  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Category: Character
  • Steam Required: Yes
  • Upload Date: 2019/04/09
  • Downloads: 890

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thornado1 month ago
Does her hair stick to the corner she starts in for anyone else when they do highlight reels?
WhatsTheStatus1 month ago
@thornado Yes it does.
CrimsonRed2k184 weeks ago
@WhatsTheStatus Yes, that happens to me as well, please, can it be fixed?
CrimsonRed2k182 months ago
Thank you for this awesome release! Now I need to figure out how to make sure the pink robe prop part doesn't show on the original aqua blue version and the Charlotte 2k17 Woo! ch pac! And the game will be golden!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kanecool332 months ago
@CrimsonRed2k18 did you have a issue with the entrance where she has the robe on then it cuts and its off and then she tries to remove a invisible robe? any idea what i did? lol
CrimsonRed2k181 month ago
@kanecool33 No, I wish that happened on the Charlotte Whooo version which she wear the whoo pink shirt and no robe http://2kmodz.com/file/20a972cbd5dd35a1e944390039a9b00c , the problem I have is that I replaced by accident the original robe with the pink and didn't do a backup (I'm a rookie learning this) so when I use the original blue attire on entrance Charlotte wears the blue but the following cut-scene after the ramp when she's about to take the robe off it turns from blue to pink! Oh and another thing I noticed