Compilation of 12 amazing songs that truly represent the amazing past of WWE Games.
Already converted to .WEM format.
1) Adelita's Way - Invincible
2) Bring Me the Horizon - Throne
3) Living In A Dream - Finger Eleven
4) Puddle Of Mudd - Famous
5) Riot - Three Days Grace
6) Rise up - Drowning Pool
7) Sevendust - Feed
8) Sick Puppies - You're Going Down
9) Skillet - Hero
10) Skillet - Monster
11) Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become
12) You Make Me Sick  - Egypt Central
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  • Platform: WWE 2K19
  • Category: Sound
  • Upload Date: March 6, 2020, 3:29 pm
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Dance_Life3 months ago
Nice selection! Hero is one of my favorites of all series. Thanks!!
Laurie Strode1 year ago
Hey Man How Come Everytime I Replace The Non WWE Menu Soundtrack And Launch The Game It Plays The Original Song For 1 Second And It Changes Songs? Your Help Would Be Amazing Man!
CappDog1 year ago
@Laurie Strode The game loads your savefile once you press start, and only then changes the songs to what you configured.
xHISHAMx1 year ago
@Laurie Strode 1) Open Sound Editor 2019, click on Tools -> Menu Music Patcher-> Direct it to the WWE 2k19.exe file->Click Apply. 2) File-Open-WWE 2K19-Sound-Click 'Game_mode_m.pck' 3) Inject the 12 downloaded songs onto original 12 menu songs. Preview each song to make sure it's successfully injected. 4) When opening WWE 2K19, default music will play on the loading screen. Once you enter the actual main menu of the game, the new music should start playing with no issues. 5) Make sure you have original 12 songs check
Laurie Strode1 year ago
@xHISHAMx Your The Man Bro! Really Appreciate You
xHISHAMx1 year ago
@Laurie Strode You're welcome. Glad to help :)