install instructions included.

credit if showcased pls.

note: delete arentrance00312.pac from arena/entrance. either that or rename the file in this to replace it. idk you do you.
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IamLegend4472 weeks ago
Can you create TNA/NWA arenas??
PhotogCO2 weeks ago
I have a question about this. I install the way your tutorial suggests and the arena shows up but the ring banner doesn't show the ROH logo it comes up Judgement Day and the BCW logo is still there near the entrance ramp where the ROH logo should be as well. Is there something I'm missing? All the steps look correct on my end through WrestleMinus
MopeLovesAsians2 weeks ago
@PhotogCO Delete arentrance00312.pac from pac/arena/entrance. It's the original BCW entrance file for this arena so the game is probably reading that file instead of the file I provided in this
PhotogCO2 weeks ago
@MopeLovesAsians Thank you for the reply. I'll try that now and see if it fixes it. Thanks for the work on this. Been watching old ROH tapes lately and got nostalgic.
PhotogCO2 weeks ago
@MopeLovesAsians That worked! Everything as it should be. Have a great weekend!