Damian Priest:
- Custom Head & Body Sculpt.
- Credit to GameElite for The Tattoos.
- Credit to Iconic2K for Attire textures.
link my YouTube Channel when you Showcase my mods:
  • Total Views: 4433 (3704 total unique)
  • Platform: WWE 2K19
  • Category: Character
  • Steam Required: No
  • Upload Date: August 9, 2020, 5:21 am
  • Downloads: 1200
  • Tags:

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morodolarama11 week ago
please make bad bunny
Pain3 months ago
JoeMashups - which slotID / slotnumber do I use for Damien Priest? I tried Damien Sandow which had the same SlotNumber as Priest but I can't get him to show up.
B,Lindemann5 months ago
thank you
Prison Mike6 months ago
Thank you
Damian priest veux tu le remplacé part the godfather JOEMASHUPS j’espère tu va voir mon message
DevonB6 months ago
dude, looks on point
Damian priest veux tu le remplacé part the godfather
très bien fait ton mod juste le problème ces que tu la remplacé part jey uso , alors tu pouvais le remplacé part the godfather qui la même taille la sa serré parfait si tu veux bien le remplacé. car les uso sont important dans le jeux en plus de sa the godfather il a un deuxieme de lui en papa shango
BlackBen836 months ago
Your mods are amazing Joe, as usual, I saw an Hana Kimura you were working on. Is she still around? Thanks a million for all your work and for the community.
illumass6 months ago
i love you guys it's been from the "ALC" model that I expected. Thanks to you it is possible to have it now. a big thank you from the bottom of my heart! peace
gerardcurrykobe6 months ago
love priest.