Zelina Vega Royal Rumble 2019 Attire (Cosplay of Vega from Street Fighter).

Many thanks to LynchReborn for the claw object and Breezus for the base gear from his Zelina Vega 2K20 port.

Should you wish to showcase my mods, please credit me.


PS. If you wish to commission a mod, contact me through discord: Veliction #8334.
  • Total Views: 1349 (1170 total unique)
  • Platform: WWE 2K19
  • Category: Character
  • Steam Required: No
  • Upload Date: June 2, 2020, 12:42 am
  • Downloads: 198
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CappDog6 months ago
I love Zelina for making that videogame reference. Her Mortal Kombat cosplays are also stellar.
The Chosen One.6 months ago
Excuse me Veliction, what happened with the Alexa Bliss Evolution Attire Mod? I saw you deleted the post. Is there a bug?
Vel6 months ago
@The Chosen One. WhatsTheStatus took it down. I used his tutu object and there was a misunderstanding and he didn't want it shared about. Contact me on discord for more info.