Maria - 3 Attire Pack.

The following mod contains 3 additional attires from Maria.

- Orange Attire from Impact Wrestling.
- Blue Attire from Impact Wrestling.
- Green Zebra Print Attire from Impact Wrestling.

- Updated facial texture for all 3 attires.

Renders are included. Install via CCT.

Potential known problems:
I have myself encountered an issue regarding not all gears installing at once. I don't believe this is mod related however I think this might be related to Maria herself. If you do not encounter this problem, then it might be my game instead so you can ignore this message. If you encounter this issue, you will have to ask in modding help in the server and see if anyone knows a fix as I do not otherwise enjoy.

If you plan to showcase my mod, please credit me and my social media.

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BlackBen831 week ago
Thanks VEL, as usual a new great mod ;) I love your women's creation. Keep up the good work.
Vel2 days ago
@BlackBen83 Glad you like it. Enjoy!
Clag25121 week ago
Amazing work, I've been hoping for ages that someone would upload a Maria mod. As far as the issue with the outfits goes, to my knowledge when it comes to DLC characters you can only have one attire for them. I've seen the issue with Bobby Lashley and other DLC characters that name escapes me at the moment. I've had to overwrite the ch file in the steam folder to get the mod to apply to the entrance and in match attires, otherwise, it just defaults to the base 2k19 attire. I'm not a mod creator myself, so
The Blue Riott5 days ago
@Clag2512 hmm that doesn't seem to be an issue for me. I have multiple attires for Lacey Evans and they all work.
Vel2 days ago
@Clag2512 It isn't related to it being DLC characters since I have both Candice LeRae attires installed and two Dakota Kai [mine and NotJulian's]. It's because she has 4 different ch files. One completely nude [No idea what 2K intended to do with this one], One being with heels as a manager [presumably attire 3], then one as in-ring [02] and then another as manager without the deformed feet (heels). I believe if you set these as attire 1, 4 and 5 they will work fine. Setting them to 1-3 only makes 1 and 3 working so