This pack contains  the new Age Outlaws 2k17 tag entrance ported to 2k19 with the following additional files:
effects gimmick and particle files for the entrance - EVT Slot 1250
Road Dogg Jesse James solo entrance evt 492
Theme mixed with their entrance speech - WEM file
Road Dogg entrance theme with intro speech - WEM File
Billy Gunn Solo entrance theme
Ring announcer names and team name WEM file - Inject over the New Age Outlaws team name 
(Search for the ID 584988836 in sound editor 2k19)
rtcs_step file to enable breakout/run-in for the entrance.
Credit to  @jimmyveez for the ported Road Dogg and Billy Gun mods.
  • Total Views: 3225 (2825 total unique)
  • Platform: WWE 2K19
  • Category: Animation
  • Steam Required: Yes
  • Upload Date: 2019/06/24
  • Downloads: 479
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chrishines36859 months ago
how how i make them as tag team so they came out the way they supposed to?
mattfick9 months ago
which light file do i use?
Please make sure you don't have the 00750.pac evt file in your game's evt folder.. The tag entrance file is 1250 in this mod. The issue with the audio cutting off happens with the 00750.pac file.
nastrodamus7261 year ago
@stevensonstruan, I too have been having this problem.. I have been trying to get this Team to work for hours. I got everything in line, but as soon as RD says "cut the music" in the Entrance, the wem stops playing. I have triple checked the Team_info, and the labeling on Sound Editor, and everything is lined up properly. Also, when I play the track in Sound Editor to test, the whole thing plays. Does anyone know why we're getting this error? Thanks!
stevensonstruan1 year ago
For some reason when Road Dogg says cut the music the actual audio cuts out completely. Any help?