Here come te new Universal Champion on Smackdown !
Includes the back of the belt in black because 2K has never put it in black I don't know why .....

Replace each file ; except a .dds file that you had to make yourself! All is explained!

DONT USE SIDE PLATE ON THIS BELT otherwise the color will become red again!
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  • Platform: WWE 2K19
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  • Upload Date: October 11, 2020, 10:44 pm
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therealray923 months ago
LandraJames Belt is definitely easier to install.. Instructions on this one are hard, confusing and you end up doing 50 extra steps to accomplish something that is so simple
URA SwampDonkey2 months ago
@therealray92 Huh? You just copy and paste the files... then make sure whoever is the Champion doesn't have the "custom side plates" and everything works fine.
NAGATO4 months ago
Bro, can you share the womens tag team belt file??
Raxpry6 months ago
all of my belts in game lost their image and the universal championship is still red maybe i did something will have to look through the installation file again
aniskhallfaoui21357 months ago
titles not appearing in title management , title still red in game and game crashes everytime i go to edit title and i choose universal championship
Michael Reigns7 months ago
How do you do that because I have tried removing the side plates and the belt is still red.
RevONiKO7 months ago
@Michael Reigns When you select Affect in Side plate mode , you choose the superstars and delete the side plate ! " Make it by defaut" i think its triangle with ps4 and Y with Xb1
Michael Reigns7 months ago
@RevONiKO Thanks