- Chyna ported with facial animations from 2K20
- Face slightly modified to match her 1999 look
- Custom attire from Royal Rumble '99 with ported tops from 2K Battlegrounds and boots from Daz Studio.

If you use my mod in any video showcase credit me.

DM me on discord at refat#2103 for any queries.
  • Total Views: 867 (750 total unique)
  • Platform: WWE 2K19
  • Category: Character
  • Steam Required: No
  • Upload Date: May 27, 2021, 12:19 pm
  • Downloads: 217
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shanaypatel961 month ago
Great mod! Is there a way I can edit her outfit (or create new ones); when I try to edit her in the creation suite, the game crashes. Any help would be appreciated!
CappDog2 months ago
Looks sweet!
jhon wich2 months ago
good work