This is a tutorial on how to install AEW Dynamite Arena by Titavius and its show graphics by SeeFusion.

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  • Upload Date: December 4, 2020, 11:12 pm


pearre895 months ago
Could you please make a video on how to get the Raw GFX working? I made a mistake on it and now i cant use the raw arena at all. The Raw Arena freezes everytime and i cant even get to the versus screen. The game just freezes and it will not allow me to play the raw arena at all. I tried installing it the manual way and it still didnt help. I need your help ASAP Please. i can even send you an video on it to show you what im talking about.
A_FlyingPig5 months ago
@pearre89 This video shows how to manually install GFX files using PAC Editor. If you already have unpacked gfx installed, I doubt the manual way will work.
pearre895 months ago
@A_FlyingPig thank you. i appreciate it.