This is my first custom built arena

Big thanks to mattfick, as well as Elg, Titavius, and HovaThaGod32, Lynch for light info
Thanks to Blxckheart for the great custom cornerpost textures. Keep an eye out for his Modern Impact Arena mod.
Namaste to the babymaker jimmyc12322 for being kind enough to make a match card early in the process that I ended up not needing to use. (Maybe for a future mod)
This will replace Hell in the Cell '14 in Abhilash's ported arenas mod found HERE. You will need to install this pack first to use this mod.
For the GFX, you will need SeeFusion's Unpacked Arena GFX mod found HERE
To learn to install the match card in a generic match card slot, watch Jimmy's tutorial found HERE
If you wish to assign this arena to another slot, watch mattfick's tutorial found HERE

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Swampfoot2 weeks ago
Gimbo2 weeks ago
this is honestly insane dude! please do more arenas you are talented!
mattfick2 weeks ago