I'd call this pack my magnum opus but I can't bring myself to be that much of a twat.

This pack contains everything I've ever made for the 2K series, some being released for the first time. As well as most of the logos I used for my creations/mods. If it's not in here, consider it lost.

This pack is as is, where is. Some of the unreleased stuff *may* have issues, and mods may have problems if they're imported into games other than what they're meant for.

Credits are in the individual folders. If anyone sees anything that slipped through the cracks let me know and I'll give proper credit here.

Feel free to use these in any way you want. Just give credit, and leave my links pls
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  • Platform: WWE 2K19
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  • Upload Date: January 16, 2021, 1:22 am
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jakey92892 months ago
What is the process for the weapons mods? I got the ladders to work. The tables and the gold chair mod make the game crash when the match is about to start. Any ideas?
rowlimus4 months ago
Thanks for sharing!
rowlimus4 months ago
Thanks for sharing!
miko9164 months ago