Just a few backstage updated textures to bring you an experience of being in an attitude era game
extra: 90s style chair

PS: I know that the black Flight Cases are not very good. Soon I will try to fix
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  • Upload Date: May 6, 2021, 7:42 am
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Fookin Diablo2 weeks ago
Just tested it out and looks great. You planning on changing any more backstage textures? There's a lot more that need to be WWF'd out.
Trioxin131 month ago
This is great!! Do you know how to change which superstars are stood in the managers offices?
HipnosisV11 month ago
@Trioxin13 that's determined on who the game loads. For example, I use a WWE 2K19 PC Trainer to change the 3rd and 4th superstars (Triple H/Stephanie & Vince McMahon) to have Teddy Long stand behind the desk in my Revision Wrestling series. It might be possible to change with Wrestle Plus but I've never tried it out. You could also probably replace Triple H/Stephanie or Vince McMahon's models with CCT probably.
@Trioxin13 Simply replace slots 10212 56402 and 56502 if you need help call me on discord castro2651 # 6483