Synopsis: WWE 2K15 uses single pac files to store multiple ingame assets. For entrances, this is in Entrance(00-08).pac. For winning, this is in Winning(00-03).pac. This is no longer used in WWE 2K19.

Porting entrances/winning animations over from WWE 2K15 to WWE 2K19 with identical slots (the easier way):

1. Extract both the EVP and EVZ files with a program like PacEditor. EVP files are in a directory called "EVP2\" while EVZ is in "EVZ\"
2. Open the 2K19 animation pac in pac\evt, eg. 00100.pac with a program like PacEditor.
3. Inject the first BPE (the smallest of the two) with the EVP you extracted from 2K15 and the second BPE (the largest of the two) with the EVZ you extracted in step 1.

Porting entrances/winning animations over from WWE 2K15 to WWE 2K19 with identical slots (the more "official" way):

Uncompress both EVP and EVZ files and extract the actor files from the EVZ PACH.

  1. Open the EVP (has the extension .0fop) with a hex editor.
  2. Null out the bytes at 0x19 (should be a 01) and 0x1C - 0x1F.
  3. Go to the end of the file and make a note of the length of the bytes from the ones that "break" the chain of "H" to the end of the file, then delete them. You should get something that looks like this, give or take a few bytes:
    43 42 4B 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 / CBKHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  4. Immediately before the "C" is the original length of the footer. Just subtract however many bytes you deleted from the original footer. Eg. I have a length of 0x38 and I removed 0x20 bytes. 0x38 - 0x20 = 0x18.
  5. Find the string POF0 and go 8 bytes prior to the start of the string. From there, highlight everything until you come across the ID of the 2K15 entrance. In my case, it's 00 64. The length I am deleting is 0x150. Including the ID, delete those bytes.
    *** It should be noted that if the bytes you are deleting has a length that doesn't end in a 0, you will need to insert 00s until the POF0 string is in the 0x08 row. ***
    *** Additionally, the bytes you are deleting are also effect values. If the entrance you are porting don't share the same effect values, I would suggest keeping a reference of them before you delete them, but that is for another tutorial. ***
  6. From the string POF0, highlight everything up to and including the string EV at offsets 0x08 - 0x09. You should find that your new length ends in a 0. My length is 55060.
    *** If not, ensure you've highlighted from the right area. Else, the EVP is likely formatted wrong and you will need to troubleshoot where you've gone wrong. Refer back to the steps, and if you're still stuck send me a DM on Discord. ***
    Since it's an odd number of bytes, add a 0 in front of it (in my case it's now 05 50 60).
  7. Replace the original length with your new one at 0x05 - 0x07 and 0x0D - 0x0F.
  8. Depending on the animation you're porting, you want to 00 all the 4B 02 references. These are more often than not just dummy files that serve no purpose.
    *** The only exception to this is if it's a generic entrance. In this case, leave the first one alone but 00 the rest out, ***
  9. Save the EVP and inject it as a BPE into the first BPE (smallest of the two) in a 2K19 evt pac.

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