• "IT FACTOR" 2012
  • 2011 attire with long hair
  • Red Beer Money attire
  • TNA iMPACT! video game attire
  • "Off The Chain" themes (instrumental & lyrical) and titantron included
    Beer Money theme and titantron

Texture for the trunks on 2011 pulled straight from a picture of his action figure, if someone wants to clean it up and reupload absolutely feel free, it looks completely fine from most camera angles just close up kind of clunky

Retexture of the TNA iMPACT! attire - changed the color of the wrist tape and boots to white for better accuracy. Also a much better texture for the trunks, credit to SL7 on Discord for sending them my way.

Added default 2K19 attire with long hair. This was a request.

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Absolutely great pack man!