• Kurt Angle lights on Hulk Hogan entrance

1) Download this effect file:
It is The Rock's effect file from 2K16, just renamed to a different file name to prevent conflicts with the default "00100.pac". Download this into WWE 2K19\pac\evt\effect. I highly recommend you make a copy of this file, ensuring that you rename the copied file to whatever Hulk Hogan's slot is.
2) When the file is downloaded, open it in a hex editor (I used HxD for this tutorial. Substitute all references of "HxD" for your hex editor of choice) and go to offset 0x800. Change the "100" on the right hand column to whatever Hogan's slot is. Save the file.
3) Use a program such as PacEditor to decompress Hogan's effect. Do the same with Kurt Angle, who is slot 112. Open up both effect files with HxD.
4a) On Hogan's effect file, change the "00 64" bytes at offset 0x380 - 0x381 to whatever Hogan's slot is. While it's not mandatory as such, I would highly recommend doing it anyway, as I have had instances of the wrong effect file showing up on the wrong entrance.
5a) Go to Kurt Angle's effect file and go to offset 0x465. Copy the bytes until offset 0x47F.
6a) Go back to Hogan's effect file and go to offset 0x43D. Replace the bytes there (press Ctrl+B to write over those bytes) with the ones you have just copied. Save the file and inject the edited effect of Hogan's as a BPE.

If you don't want to do any of that though, there is a faster way:
4b) Select all of Angle's effect bytes and replace them over Hogan's.
5b) Replace the ID at offsets 0x380 - 0x381 to Hogan's. Save the file and inject the edited effect of Hogan's as a BPE.
6b) ???
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Laurie Strode1 year ago
Is there anyway to mod someone else's lights on a tag teams entrance?
nastrodamus7261 year ago
You lost me after "Download the effects file". lol. :\