Oh Carlito
What you did last week wasn't cool or neato.
So, I guess I'll have to make your bleedo.
Or if you're in the mood for cotton tacos
Say "Hello" to Mr. Socko
And when the match is all complete-o
You'll leave skid marks inside your speedo.
Have a nice day!

Big thanks to mattfick for the ported files
Thanks to HOF jimmyc12322 for the custom gfx

This will replace Over The Limit in Abhilash's ported arenas mod found HERE. You will need to install this pack first to use this mod.
For the GFX, you will need SeeFusion's Unpacked Arena GFX mod found HERE
To learn to install the match card in a generic match card slot, watch Jimmy's tutorial found HERE
If you wish to assign this arena to another slot, watch mattfick's tutorial found HERE
***Wrestlers will need an apron tron assigned to them for the arena to work as intended.

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ive tried installing the mod yet the arena is showing just blank (no titantron, mintron, wrong mats) but presentation, apron works btw