Universe Mode Textures Pack 2:
This mode includes the following file: ltag_main_menu_win.pac
============================= Instructions: 1.-Copy to your game folder. 2.-Clear Chunk0.arc and regenerate Chunk0.def using Custom Character Tools 2019 by TheVisitorX. 3.-Launch the game and enjoy.
============================= Optional instructions: 1.-Inject 0001.oodl file into \pac\menu\win\Assets\wwe19_texture\universe\ltag_myuniverse_win\C80197603B2A75FE\0001.oodl 2.-Inject 0006.oodl file into \pac\menu\win\Assets\wwe19_texture\universe\ltag_myuniverse_win\C80197603B2A75FE\0006.oodl 3.-Eliminate \pac\menu\win\Assets\wwe19_texture\universe\ltag_myuniverse_win.pac.bak
============================= Additional note: 1.-To make this mod I used a texture from WWE 2K20. =============================
  • Total Views: 2116 (1865 total unique)
  • Platform: WWE 2K19
  • Category: Misc
  • Steam Required: No
  • Upload Date: October 20, 2020, 5:36 am
  • Downloads: 211
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Reezy3 weeks ago
Bro, how do I inject the dl files?? tried the normal copy & pate but it didn't work
Raxpry6 months ago
couldnt get it to work the first works great but the second image doesnt for me in game its just blank now only words lol
LeonelMG6 months ago
@Raxpry Maybe there is a compression problem, try to inject the .DDS file, it will work anyway, .oodl is just extra compression to save space.
bushysowavvey6 months ago
Great work on the changes ! Downloading now
LeonelMG6 months ago
@bushysowavvey Thank You!