This is the 2K17 Finn Balor chainsaw title entrance ported to 2k19. For the Demon title entrance,  evt 630 was loaded for flat arenas, 629 for slope arenas. This is managed by the evt_data .pac file  This is why there is there is a minor glitch with the belt on the ramp in the 2017 and 2018 arena's due to the new geometries.
This pack contains:
1.The 2k17 entrance files evt 629 and evt 630,effects gimmick and particle files which the game will select from depending on the geometry of the arena.
2. A modified evt_data.pac  file which manages which entrance is loaded, depending on the floor geometry.
There are 2 folders with evt_data files. One is to enable the title entrance for all arenas, the other will enable the entrance for pre 2018 flat and slope arenas only.
You need to place either one you choose in the pac/evt folder.
3. An updated modified rtcs_step_p30.pac file which enables break-out and Run-in for the entrance. This is an update to the file on the smacktalks thread.
Download, unzip and place the files in the appropriate folder locations. You will need to place either one of the evt_data .pac files (not both) in the pac/evt folder.
If you have previously modified your evt_data file, you just need to extract the 0C.bpe from the file in this pack and inject into your modded evt_data file.Finally, export the Demon Finn Balor moveset file. Open in Data Editor and change the Tile entrance ID to 630.
Save and reinject into your game.
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  • Upload Date: 2019/05/22
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