Alexa Bliss 'The Fury' Graphics

If used in social medias, please leave credits and link back to this page.
Do not reupload without my permission.

-Copy and paste the 'pac' and 'movies' folders in your game directory.
-In your game folder, go to 'movies/titantron', copy and paste 'ent_0620_0_0_0.bk2' twice, and rename 2 of those files to 'ent_0620_0_0_1.bk2' and 'ent_0620_0_0_2.bk2', so you end up with these 3 files:
-> ent_0620_0_0_0.bk2
-> ent_0620_0_0_1.bk2
-> ent_0620_0_0_2.bk2
-Theme song provided in the 'Theme Song' folder, install with Sound Editor in the 'music_2_m.pck' file.

• If you need help or want to report an issue:
-Send me a PM on discord. (See Fusion#7393)

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tpenman232 months ago
Amazing! Your back ????
CuddlyCorey2 months ago
Noob question: Shouldn't the "ent" files be different sizes? I read that here: "ent" _0 should be 1280x320, "ent" _1 should be 960x320 and the _2 should be 640x640. Am I doing all of this wrong? If I copy just one bk2 file and copy it 3x...aren't they all the same size? I'm confused. LOL
LAtheDJ2 months ago
@CuddlyCorey I believe 2k19 automatically resizes, so it maybe a little warped, but it'll work.
CuddlyCorey2 months ago
@LAtheDJ Ahh ok. I just wanted to make sure I understood correctly.
Vel2 months ago
Thank you!