Cesaro’s suit entrance ported from WWE 2K18.
1. Drag and drop the pac folder in the archive to the root of your WWE 2K19 directory.
2. Update the def file. If you are doing this manually, enter in these paths:

3. Use Cheat Engine/Data Editor/whatever to access the entrance.
If you are to add this entrance to the CAE single entrance list using my tool, enter in 1358 for the event ID and 5197 for the string ID. This string is the reference for “CESARO 4” and is NOT in the default string (ie. superstring necessary).

At the time of upload, this is currently a blank string. You will need to change the string name of 5197 to CESARO 4; this can be achieved with a hex editor or some other tool for string editing like WrestleMINUS.
Furthermore, this entrance works best with Cesaro’s 2k18 ch/tx pac files. This is NOT included in the mod; you are downloading an entrance animation, not a ch pac file.
V1: Initial release.
  • Total Views: 1668 (1496 total unique)
  • Platform: WWE 2K19
  • Category: Animation
  • Steam Required: Yes
  • Upload Date: June 6, 2020, 4:54 pm
  • Downloads: 138
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Karotakid3 months ago
What's your tool to inject entrances to CAE?
KaiRMD110 months ago
Literally my favorite entrance. Thank you so much for this!
collinbrookscoleman11 months ago
Where can we get the ch files? I know we can get them from the 2K18 folders but I don't know how to port properly.
Karotakid3 months ago
@collinbrookscoleman Get it from 2k18, then download Custom Character tool, look for Cesaro and inject it over the attire 1 (or whichever you want to replace). Then Rebuild the Chunk.def file through the menu and start the game
Goon11 months ago
Amazing work!! Could you convert the Sheamus entrance from WWE 2k16 to 2k19?