Put the movies and pac folders to WWE 2K19 main folder. You need to have some tools to install entrance theme and moveset file. 

CCT 2019(To install moveset file):
SE 2019(To install entrance theme):

Installing the entrance theme: 

*Open the SE 2019 while the game is NOT running. 
*Open the music_misc_1_m.pck in sound folder.
*Find 90s2 and replace it with the new .wem file.
*Open CCT 2019 and click on clear chunk0.arc if you haven't used mods before
*Click on regenerate chunk0.def, select full mode and click start.

Installing the moveset file: 

*Open the CCT 2019 while the game is running
*Find Randy Orton 13
*Right click on it
*Click import and click moveset
*Import the new moveset file.

Thanks to xXSTAGESXx for the graphics.
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